Airport Management Support

AFCO AvPorts Management

Posted on Nov 12th, 2015

AFCO AvPORTS Management, LLC (AvPORTS) specializes in the long-term management of aviation facilities and manages numerous commercial-service and general-aviation airports. Over many years, TWG has provided a broad range of legal support to AvPORTS, ranging from negotiating and drafting its management agreements with its airport clients, to drafting/negotiating agreements for the provision of a variety of airport services, to advising on federal regulatory and grant assurance compliance by AvPORTS and its airport clients, as well as on compliance with TSA security program requirements.

An example of our work for AvPORTS is a commercial matter related to Moffett Field. Moffett Field is an airfield that is owned by NASA, but leased to Planetary Ventures (an affiliate of Google). Planetary Ventures contracted with AvPORTS for the provision of airfield management services at Moffett. TWG advised AvPORTS on the transaction, drafted the agreement, and supported detailed negotiations with the lessor, leading to successful consummation of the transaction. TWG has also supported AvPORTS in connection with Moffett Field by drafting and negotiating various requisite airfield agreements, such as for fueling, fire suppression equipment, and facility services.