About Us

The Wicks Group, PLLC (TWG) is a Washington, DC-based law firm that specializes in providing legal assistance to aviation-related businesses and authorities. TWG is committed to delivering the expertise and solutions needed to produce exceptional results and value for each client. Our depth of aviation experience, our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, and our international reach place TWG at the forefront of aviation legal services firms.

Our Legal Services

The Wicks Group’s professionals work seamlessly as a team to provide our clients with outstanding legal services and strategic advice. We guide our clients through complex domestic and foreign regulatory matters, help them structure and accomplish their commercial transactions, and strategize with them on how best to anticipate and respond to legal issues that may arise in the course of their operations. Our expertise extends across the areas of regulatory law, commercial transactions, aircraft financing, international law and regulation, immigration, customs, and hazardous materials shipping, among others. The quality and effectiveness of the services provided are evidenced by the firm’s long-standing client relationships.

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Our Leadership Team

Our History

The Wicks Group, PLLC was founded in 1999 by Glenn Wicks. Established first as a Virginia law firm specializing in regulatory guidance for foreign air carriers, the firm relocated to the District of Columbia in 2000 as The Wicks Group, PLLC. Also in that year, Ekaterina Grimes joined the firm as a Partner and Executive Vice-President. The firm soon expanded – adding professional staff and broadening the client base to include domestic air carriers, airports, hazardous materials packagers and shippers, maintenance and repair stations, the Federal Aviation Administration, and foreign civil aviation authorities. Michael Fleming and Ronce Almond became partners in The Wicks Group, PLLC in 2011 and 2012, respectively

Our Clients

  • Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Airport Authorities
  • Airport Management Companies
  • Fixed-Base Operators
  • Airport Service Providers
  • Flight Training Schools
  • Domestic Air Carriers
  • Foreign Air Carriers
  • Business Aviation Operators
  • Express Delivery Operators
  • Private Aircraft Operators
  • Commercial Space Companies
  • Aircraft Manufacturers
  • Aircraft Parts Manufacturers
  • Maintenance and Repair Stations
  • Consumer Product Manufacturers
  • Hazardous Materials Packagers
  • Hazardous Materials Shippers

About The Wicks Group Consulting, LLC

In response to client needs, TWG partners established a second company in 2009, The Wicks Group Consulting, LLC, to provide management consulting, technical consulting, and research and analysis services to aviation businesses and authorities. For information about The Wicks Group Consulting, LLC, please visit that firm’s website.