Aircraft/Parts Manufacturers

Posted on Nov 12th, 2015

The Wicks Group attorneys routinely assist domestic and foreign aircraft manufacturers and aircraft parts manufacturers with a range of regulatory and litigation requirements, including advising on regulatory content and procedures, resolving type certification issues, obtaining regulatory approvals and licenses, obtaining exemptions or other relief from regulatory requirements, and representing clients in administrative disputes and enforcement actions. In addition, our attorneys have been involved in the harmonization of US-European certification requirements for manufacturers of aircraft and aircraft parts.

We also assist aircraft and parts manufacturers with their commercial needs, such as sales and financing agreements. We also advise on potential liabilities of manufacturers (e.g., accident liability), and strategies for minimizing liabilities.

Representative Experience

  • Representing a major US aircraft parts manufacturer in matters involving both parts manufacturing approvals and enforcement actions
  • Advising a major US aircraft manufacturer as expert aviation counsel in a government contract dispute before the US General Accountability Office (GAO)
  • Advising a major aircraft simulator manufacturer as expert aviation counsel in a government procurement dispute before the US GAO and the US Court of Claims
  • Assisting a major US aircraft manufacturer with obtaining FAA approvals related to test-bed operation for a new Presidential helicopter